Our mission is to dramatically improve the outcomes
of care for children with rheumatic conditions.

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The Pediatric Rheumatology Care and Outcomes Improvement Network (PR-COIN) works to improve outcomes and provide safe, effective, efficient, timely, patient centered, and equitable care for all children with rheumatic conditions.  Our goals are to increase remission and clinical inactive disease rates among children with JIA, improve quality of life including optimal physical function and pain, and support families in managing their child’s condition. 


PR-COIN is a collaborative community where patients, parents, clinicians, and researchers work together to improve the health and care of children and youth with rheumatic conditions.  By sharing data, knowledge, and resources, PR-COIN members benefit from, better prepared teams, improved outcomes for patients, increased divisional and institutional visibility, increased patient engagement, and enhanced research opportunities. 


We invite everyone interested in bettering the lives of kids with rheumatic conditions to JOIN TODAY!


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PR-COIN is a multicenter “Learning Network” serving a vital role in efficiently
improving how member teams deliver care to children with rheumatic disease... 


Ask your rheumatologist about how your child can be involved.....










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