Our mission is to improve dramatically the outcomes of care for children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Welcome to PR-COIN

PR-COIN is a network of teams at rheumatology centers who in partnership with families are working together to transform how we deliver care to children with JIA.Stock%20photo_kids.3.chalk.jpg
  • As a quality improvement collaborative, we aim to develop and evaluate specific disease management strategies to improve the care of children with JIA and to determine how best to incorporate these strategies into clinical practice.
  • We are creating a sustainable network that uses a registry database to measure our performance on measures of quality of care, learn more about the health status of JIA patients in our care as well as to inform future improvement projects.

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Care Providers


PR-COIN is a multicenter “Learning Network” serving a vital role in efficiently improving how member teams deliver care to children with rheumatic disease...



While our teams bring clinical and statistical expertise, we know that families own the child expertise...



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