Our mission is to dramatically improve the outcomes
of care for children with rheumatic conditions.

Introducing the Self-Management Support System

Friday, May 12, 2017

PR-COIN provides member centers with a comprehensive Self-Management Support System Change Package  - a toolkit to support practitioners and families in formulating and then adhering to medication and treatment plans.  The change package includes provider training in Behavior Change Counseling, and use of Self-Management Assessment Tool, Barriers Checklist, Adherence Solution Tools, patient Action Plan worksheet, and complete family educational materials in the Helping Hands Handbook.  The Self-management assessment identifies patient/family priorities for visit, level of confidence (self-efficacy) in ability to manage disease, level of worry (health distress), goal setting, adherence and general barriers to care. The Barriers Checklist helps providers identify what comes in the way of taking medications or following treatment.  For each barrier, an adherence solution is identified, including corresponding tools and templates (ex: Side effects tools, etc.).  The Helping Hands Handbook contains full information about JIA, medications, treatments, and activities to optimize quality of life.








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