Our mission is to dramatically improve the outcomes
of care for children with rheumatic conditions.


As a Learning Network, PR-COIN harnesses the collective will, intelligence, and experience of parents, patients, and providers to develop and deliver new and comprehensive care practices and measure impact.  The combined power of our member hospitals and our families yields knowledge and perspective that no one clinic could have alone.

Join PR-COIN and become part of a growing community of improvers.

By becoming a PR-COIN participating center, you will access the following benefits:

  • Data evaluating performance on clinical processes and disease outcomes (center, provider, and aggregate level)
  • Access to database containing ~5,000 unique patients and ~30,000 visits
  • Ongoing training and personalized coaching in Improvement Science methodology and tools
  • Maintenance of Certification Part IV (active and eligible providers)
  • Electronic data transfer, automated reports and decision support
  • Advanced analytics to support clinical care, develop predictive models
  • Access to clinical tools (Pre-Visit Planning Report, Population Management Report, algorithms, etc.)
  • Monthly Network-wide webinar calls and bi-annual face-to-face conferences with rheumatologists, parents, patients, and QI experts across the US and Canada
  • Access to knowledge repository of best practices and lessons learned via a secure member only website

Learn more about our QI methodology here.

PR-COIN uses the Chronic Care Model as a framework for selecting its QI interventions.  Learn about the Chronic Care Model here

Download the PR-COIN brochure and the PR-COIN Case for Quality slides to start the conversation with your leaders and request a meeting with our team to learn more. 

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