Our mission is to dramatically improve the outcomes of care for children with rheumatic conditions.

Care Providers

PR-COIN is a multicenter Learning Network that improves the care delivered by member sites to children with rheumatic disease by:
  • Identifying best practices in care based upon research and analysis of PR-COIN registry data
  • Applying successful care interventions using quality improvement methodology
  • Facilitating shared knowledge between PR-COIN care providers
  • Supporting the local adoption of relevant best practices
PR-COIN pediatric rheumatologists are able to better identify optimal treatment approaches by systematically tracking and recording patient treatments, pooling data, and studying patient outcomes.

The PR-COIN Story



Learning Networks harness the collective will, intelligence, and experience of parents, patients, and practicioners to develop and deliver new and comprehensive care practices and measure their impact.  The combined power of data from member sites yields knowledge and perspective that no one site could have alone. Join sites from across North America to share data, receive details about best practices, learn improvement science methods, and improve outcomes for children with rheumatic conditions.




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